Story Road Tamale Festival: June 4, 2011

For anyone looking for the tamale event of the year, you’re in luck because the annual Story Road Tamale Festival is coming your way! Brought to you by the Story Road Business Association of San Jose, this food filled event pays homage to the rich heritage of civilizations, like the Myans, who considered tamales and corn as an important element of their culture. As part of the event, there will be live music, dance performances and an array of tamale contests to keep everyone in the family entertained for the day.

The Story Road Tamale Festival celebrates all things associated with tamales, including the people, ingredients, roses and music behind it. This year’s event will have Mariachis, beautiful displays of “Hot Tamale” roses and a Tamale tasting contest, along with a large display of street vendors with a variety of food, beverages and souvenirs. Since the city of San Jose truly believes in bringing loved ones together, this event is organized to serve as a day to reflect on the beauty of family, tradition and Hispanic contributions to the city and the world.

There is so much more to tamales than what is seen underneath the cornhusk. According to most historical sources, tamales originated in Mesoamerica as early as 5000 BCE and were made by a number of civilizations including the Aztecs, Mayans, Omecas and Tolteca. Since then, this corn based dish has been made many different ways with a large variety of ingredients, mixtures and forms. The tamale festival is one way to see the various ways chefs are making tamales today. So if you’re curious to see who will be crowned the title of Tamale King or Queen, make your way to San Jose for this memorable event.

Be sure to come hungry because you will need plenty of room in your stomach to try all the wonderful tamale treats.

Event Details

June 4, 2011

San Jose, California

Phone: 1-888-5-TAMALE 888-582-6253)

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