Celebrate Halloween in Mountain View


In Mountain View during Halloween this year, ghosts and ghouls are all coming out to play for the Halloween Monster Bash. Held on Saturday October 26, 2013, join friends and family starting at 5pm at the Community Center, Rengstorff Park for an evening of mischief and fright. Dress up as your favorite spooky character as costumes are definitely encouraged, and watch the big screening: Escape From Planet Earth. The Halloween Monster Bash is a unique and free of charge event in the community, bringing together all kinds of people to enjoy the most mysterious night of the year in front of a great seasonal movie that all the family can enjoy. If you’re staying in Mountain View this Halloween, then bring the kids to this spooky event.  Guests are advised to bring a low back chair with them to the event, as well as blankets to keep off that winter chill.

Escape From Planet Earth is a PG rated film. Computer animated by Rainmaker Entertainment, Canada, this film was released earlier in the year to wide acclaim. The scene is set by footage of Scorch Supernova who is on his mission to try and rescue babies who have been captured by a rival species. As he returns to his home planet” Baab he is known as a hero. Not long after Scorch and his brother Gary receive a message of distress from the ‘Dark Planet’ and Scorch is told he will need to attend their SOS. The ‘Dark Planet’ is Earth. Gary doesn’t want Scorch to leave but when he sees he can’t change his mind Gary resigns from the company they both work for and vows not to help him. However it’s too late: Scorch has already left for Earth ” and Gary and his family can only watch on their television at home.

Scorch’s adventures on planet Earth do not go smoothly. Finding out what happens to Scorch and how Gary ends up on Earth as well is all part of the fun of this movie. Will good win out over evil? Anything can happen on Halloween!

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