Visit the Thomas Fogarty Winery and Vineyard


In 1978, inventor Dr. Thomas Fogarty and winemaker Michael Martella came together and founded the Thomas Fogarty Winery by merging together the inventor’s innovative thoughts and the winemaker’s viticulture. They were able to lead the development of the Skyline Ridge area, which has now become one of California’s premiere Pinot Noir and Chardonnay regions. Today, the area is used to plant only the most prestigious of these wines in the mountains of Santa Cruz, which has some of the richest soils and best climates for wine-making in the world. This helps to produce the absolute finest grapes and ultimately creating the most amazing wines.

grapes hanging in a vineyard

The winery and vineyard is situated at around two thousand feet above sea level, which makes it the perfect place for getting the most beautiful and expansive views of the San Francisco Bay. With over 31 years of winemaking experience, the Thomas Fogarty Winery and Vineyard loves nothing more than to welcome visitors to the setting. As a visitor, you will get the chance to come inside the tasting room and try a small sample from a variety of different wines, all of which are produced using grapes from their very own vineyard. Every Wednesday, they have a complimentary wine tasting session where you and up to 3 other guests can sample a group of four different wines and give your opinions about them.

The staff at the winery are expertly trained and will be able to answer any questions you might have, as well as make recommendations on what they think you will like based on what wines you normally drink. If you do taste something you like very much, then a selection of wines are available to buy by the glass and can be drunk outside of the tasting room, or, if you want to take some back with you, then it can also be bought by the bottle and packed up for your convenience. So make sure that you are well situated near one of the best wineries in Mountain View.


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