Planet Snoopy is getting better!


What can make California’s Great America even better? It is already the largest amusement park in Northern California and is known for its high intensity thrill rides. However, it is also known for being inclusive, and a park that people of all ages can enjoy. Because of this, California’s Greatplanet snoopy entrance America has a kid’s area that is known as KidZville. Here, children can enjoy kid friendly rides and other fun activities. In order to celebrate Great America’s 40th Birthday, the park will be expanding the Kid’s area and giving it a total makeover. In fact, now it will be called Planet Snoopy! Start shopping for hotels near Great America in Santa Clara now!

At the new Planet Snoopy, there will be three new rides for children to enjoy: Joe Cool’s Gr8Sk8, Snoopy’s Space Buggies, and Peanuts 500. Gr8Sk8 is a fun and interactive ride where you will ride on top of Snoopy’s giant skateboard. On this ride, you’ll feel like you’re going off the edge! When you ride Snoopy’s Space Buggies, pretend to be an astronaut as you are lifted into the air for a lunar landing that defies gravity! And finally, test your driving skills at the Peanuts 500 area where racers will be able to drive and zoom through the track. The New Planet Snoopy area is now open for 2015 so be sure to come by for some fun that the whole family can enjoy! In fact, Planet Snoopy is more inclusive than other kid’s areas at other theme parks. For example, at other amusement parks, the rides that are geared for children are just that – made only for children. As a result, parents have to spend the day walking around but can’t enjoy any of the fun. At California’s Great America, they think the whole family – and that includes parents – should have a fun time. That’s why on these three new rides parents can ride on these fun attractions with their children! That way, everyone is sure to have a good time.


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