Big Eyes exhibit comes to the Triton Museum of Art

Big Eyes tells the story of one of the biggest cons to ever take place in the art community. The story was recently turned into a movie directed by Tim Burton. If you saw the movie, now is your chance to see the paintings in real life! Even if you haven seen the movie ” you can still enjoy the paintings because now these incredible paintings will be on display at the Triton Museum of Art. Any art lovers staying in the hotels close to Santa Clara should come and see the paintings that inspired the movie today! The Triton Museum of Art is open six days a week and is completely FREE to enter! Parking is FREE as well! From Tuesday- Wednesday it’s open from 11am – 5pm; on Thursday its open from 11am – 5pm however ” every third Thursday of the month it’s open from 5pm – 8pm; from Friday – Saturday it’s open from 11am – 5pm and on Sunday its open from 12pm – 4pm. The Museum is closed on Mondays.

The movie Big Eyes features Amy Adams who plays Margaret Keane the woman behind the famous paintings. During the 1950s-1960s her melancholy portraits of children with large eyes became hugely successful and people such as Andy Warhol, Dean Martin and Natalie Wood were collectors of these pieces. What makes this story so unique however is the fact that her husband Walter Keane was a con artist who tricked everybody. He pretended that he was the genius behind these big-eyed portraits. She would draw them and he would simply sign them and sell them. The whole artistic world believed the ruse that he created. All the while Margaret Keane had to stand in the background as her husband took in all the success. It was not until a few decades later in 1986 that Margaret decided to finally to tell the truth. When she came out as the real painter the news shocked the world. Come and see these incredible paintings at the Triton Museum of Art today!


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