Celebrate 40 Years of Fun at California’s Great America!

In order to help celebrate the 40th season of California’s Great America, there are some brand new things that will be taking place! One thing in particular that the park has been working on is creating a whole new kid’s area called Planet Snoopy. Opening Weekend for the new area will be March 28th and the 29th. In order to help promote the event, all Season Pass holders will be able to bring 4 friends along who will be able to get in at the discounted price of $19.76 in order to honor the opening year of California’s Great America. In addition, once inside the park, all guests can enjoy $1.40 popcorn, hot dogs, and fountain sodas at select locations throughout the park. There will also be other fun events happening as part of the festivities such as collectable giveaways and special guests! If you’re still looking where to stay in Mountain View, be sure to pick somewhere close to California’s Great America!

What makes this new kid’s zone area unique is that at Planet Snoopy, parents get to enjoy three of the new rides with their kids! At other amusement parks, parents have to idly stand by and watch as their kids get onto rides that were made for small children. At Planet Snoopy at California’s Great America, this no longer has to be the case! Parents can comfortably fit in rides that will be great for children and parents alike. This will prove to be a great way for both parents and children to enjoy the park. The three rides that both parents and children can enjoy are Gr8Sk8, Peanuts 500, and Snoopy’s Space Buggies. Gr8Sk8 is an interactive ride where you get to sit atop Snoopy’s giant skateboard; you’ll feel like you’re going off the edge! Peanuts 500 will get your energy up as you race along the track and zoom past others. Finally, Snoopy’s Space Buggies allows you to be an astronaut as you defy gravity by being lifted up into the air for a special lunar landing. If you and your family are looking to do something fun, head over to California’s Great America from March 28th to the 29th and join in on the opening weekend celebration!


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