5 Must See Places to Check Out in Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley is a thriving area of San Francisco that has been receiving a lot of attention over the past years. Are you planning a trip & wondering where are the top places to visit in Silicon Valley? Your trip wouldn’t be complete with a visit to these 5 must see places in Silicon Valley.

winchester mystery house

Any trip to Silicon Valley wouldn’ be complete without a stop at Apple’s Company Store and Headquarters. This isn’t the place to buy a computer, but it is the only place in the world that actually sells Apple logo caps and shirts. They also offer standard accessories that you can find at other Apple locations. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to buy a shirt that says, “I Visited the Mother Ship”.

A stop at the Exploration center located at the NASA Ames Research Center is another must. Located right in the heart of Silicon Valley, this facility is a self-guided tour where you can learn more about some of NASA’s past missions and projects.

The Intel Museum is located inside of the Robert Noyce Building, home of Intel’s headquarters. At this FREE museum, you can learn more about microprocessors and how exactly computing devices actually work.

The Winchester Mystery is a great stop during any trip to Silicon Valley. This mysterious mansion was once owned by Sarah Winchester. As the story goes, there was constantly construction going on in the house where secret passages were made, staircases that led to nowhere, winding halls, and over 160 rooms were constructed all to confuse the ghosts that Sarah believed haunted the house. Visit www.winchestermysteryhouse.com for hours and rates.

For a little bit of history, visit The HP Garage, also known as “The Birthplace of Silicon Valley”. in 1938, this is the location where Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett developed the first product of HP, the Model 200A audio oscillator. The HP Garage is located at 367 Addison Ave. in Palo Alto.

Remember to visit one of the interesting places in Silicon Valley!

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