things do in in mountain view during summer

Outdoor Water Activities To Do This Summer In Mountain View

Mountain View is an excellent place to head out to the ocean and engage in some fun water activities. There’s not much that’s better than going out on a hot day and feeling the cool ocean breeze on your skin. If you are looking for something fun to do, here are some summer activities in Mountain View for you and your family.

At Shoreline Lake, there are a number of fun activities to partake in. For example, here, you can go windsurfing. Choose from a variety of classes from group classes as well as classes for children ages 9-15. These introductory classes take place every weekend during the summer. Within just a few hours, you’ll be able to earn your certificate and you’ll go windsurfing just like you’ve always dreamed!

For those who are wanting to explore the area through rivers and maybe even go down some rapids or two, than kayaking is what you are looking for. At Shoreline Lake, you can also take classes in introductory kayaking. Besides stroke techniques, you will also learn the proper technique in launching and landing as well as skills in self-rescue, nomenclature, water safety and equipment tuning. This class is appropriate for those ages 13 and up. One day classes are offered throughout the summer.

Another fun water activity is stand up paddle-boarding. You’ve probably seen others standing on huge “surfboards” as they glide across the water. Now, this can be you too! In addition to the fun, paddle-boarding is also great as it improves your balance and core muscles; and because waves are not required for this sport, you can enjoy paddle-boarding on safe and calm waters. For more information on these classes, visit

Mountain View Outdoor Activities
Shoreline Lake offers a wide variety of activities. Kayaking, Hiking, Boating or just spending a day in the water are a few of the things you can do.
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