nasa ames research center

NASA’s Ames Research Center

Are you or someone you know interested in space? Are you fascinated by space and various projects that NASA has worked on? If so, consider visiting the Ames Visitor Center located at NASA’s Ames Research Center. Here, you can learn about space, projects and more! Stop by the Ames Research Center today.

When you stop by NASA’s Ames Visitor Center, you will learn all about the amazing things that are being done at NASA Ames Research Center facility. This self guided walkthrough visitor center usually lasts on average about an hour. At the visitor center, there are a number of different exciting exhibits to enjoy. For example, come learn more about the Kepler – a mission that was designed in order to learn more about our region of the Milky Way galaxy. Since its beginning, the Kepler has discovered more than a thousand potential new planets that are orbiting stars that are nearby. You can also learn more about SOFIA, also known as the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy. This airborne observatory will complement other space telescopes such as the Hubble, Spitzer, Herschel as well as major Earth based telescopes. At the Ames Visitor Center, you can see the original wind-tunnel SOFIA model now on display. These are just some of the interesting exhibits you’ll find when you stop by the Visitor Center.

NASA’s Ames Visitor Center is located at the main gate to the Ames Research Center at Moffett Field. The Ames Research Center is a key facility for man of the projects and missions that NASA is working on. Admission to the Ames Visitor Center is FREE to all guests. Come visit today!

NASA's Ames Research Center
Interested in projects the Nasa has worked on? Come visit the AMES Research Center!