visit googleplex in mountain view

Visit Googleplex in Mountain View, California

Silicon Valley is of course home to a number of different tech industries, one of the biggest in the area, however, is Googleplex, the corporate headquarters complex of Google, Inc. The grounds of the Googleplex are wide and vast covering acres worth of space. While most of the area is off-limits to the public, there are some areas that visitors can access. Take the time to make your way to visit Googleplex in Mountain View, it is definitely a must see! 

Googleplex is the corporate headquarters complex of Google, Inc. Googleplex is also the second largest assemblage of Google buildings according to square footage. The area is perhaps known for its impressive landscapes and decorations. The interior of the headquarters is furnished with a giant rubber ball and shade lamps while the main lobby contains a piano and a projection of live and current Google search queries. The employees at Googleplex also get to enjoy facilities such as free laundry rooms, multiple sand volleyball courts, two small swimming pools, and even eighteen different cafeterias. The concept behind this being that employees are more likely to produce high-quality work if they enjoy their work environment and have loyalty to the brand.

The campus is open to the public and anyone can wander around the beautiful campus just to take in the sights. While anyone is allowed to visit, there are no official tours that are given to the public. You can step into a few of the lobbies of buildings but for the most part, visitors can enjoy the outdoor area that is ample with seating areas and places to rest. One of the highlights of the campus is the reproduction of a T-Rex skeleton. Sometimes the area is decorated so that T-rex is hanging out with plastic pink flamingos or other fun additions. The Google Merchandise Store is located at 1981 Landings Drive. Here, you can get your hands on authentic Google memorabilia to remember your time at Googleplex.