great america mountain view

Visit California’s Great America & Enjoy A Full Day of Activities

Looking for something fun to do that the whole family will enjoy? If you’re staying at hotels near Great America , consider heading to this location as it is one of the best Amusement parks in the area. From fun roller coasters to more family friendly rides, Great America offers fun activities for all to enjoy. This summer, come down to Great America for all day fun.

Whether you’re searching for thrills or want something more family friendly, there is a ride for everyone to enjoy at California’s Great America. When you climb aboard flight deck, you’ll have the time of your life as you soar through a 360 degree loop, turns, a zero gravity roll and more! With speeds reaching 50 miles per hour, this is the ride for you if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. Flying Eagle is a fun ride for kids who are looking for some fun but who are still too young to take on the large roller coasters. If you have little ones, there are rides for them too! From the Carousel to the Peanuts 500 there are a number of rides for kids of all ages to enjoy!

Fun rides isn’t all that you can enjoy while you’re at Great America though. There are also live shows and fun entertainment that you can enjoy during your day at Great America. One fun show is Charlie Brown’s Happy Campers featuring Charlie Brown, Linus and Snoopy as the Peanuts gang have fun in a musical adventure. During the summer, you can also enjoy live music from a seven piece band for the all new Summer Night Swing events happening Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. But hurry, this fun event will only be around for the summer! When you buy tickets online, you can save! When you buy online, you can get your ticket for as low as $39.99. Visit for more information.