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New Attraction featuring Mass Effect Video Game Coming to Great America

California’s Great America is an amusement park in Santa Clara. Since its opening in the 70s, the amusement park has been a longstanding part of the community and a family-friendly center for all ages to enjoy. The amusement park announced an attraction based on the popular video game, Mass Effect. Called Mass Effect: New Earthvisitors can expect to experience thrills like never before as they partake in the adventure at the Action Theater in 3D! What are you waiting for? Board the Normandy and prepare to travel to the planet of Terra Nova today!

New Attractions Coming to Californias Great America

If you are looking for an engaging activity that everyone can enjoy, California’s Great America is one of the best amusement parks in the area. Offering an affordable price and some of the best entertainment around, California’s Great America is your one stop shop for family fun. When you come visit, be on the lookout for these newest attractions at California’s Great America!


Mass Effect is an extreme first person shooter video game series from BioWare. California’s Great America has paired with Electronic Arts (EA) to bring you an immersive, 4D experience. This brand new attraction will be the first of its kind at the park. With the latest technology in 4D effects, guests will be taken on an incredible journey across the galaxy as you fight to protect humankind from an enemy that is literally out of this world. You will follow characters and travel to settings that are featured in the video game. The attraction will include a massive LED screen with 3D capabilities. In addition to these graphics, you’ll be immersed in an experience that will captivate all of your senses such as featuring chairs that move in time to the action on the screen. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime! The all new Mass Effect ride is scheduled to be opened by the summer 2016 season.

When you purchase a daily admission ticket online, as opposed to purchasing a ticket at the gate, you can save money. The admission at the front gate is $67 per ticket. This means that when you purchase online, you can save as much as $28! California’s Great America is located at 4701 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Be sure to bring your family and check out the latest attraction that is coming soon to California’s Great America! For ticket information visit

Scream for More During the Halloween Haunt at Great America!

The Great America Halloween Haunt should be your number one destination this Halloween season if you’re staying in a family-friendly hotel close to Californias Great America. This is the ultimate scare experience complete with terrifying mazes, haunting scare zones, as well as haunting shows and experiences. If you love to be scared be prepared for something frightening around every corner when you visit Great America Halloween Haunt. Tickets are now on sale!

At the Great America Halloween HauntNot only will there be mazes and scare zones there will also be rides and attractions that will get your adrenaline pumping. This year themed mazes include insanatarium cornstalkers wax museum chamber of horror and more. At Insanatarium you will take a tour through a treatment facility for the criminally insane. Hopefully all the patients remain contained. When you enter Cornstalkers you will have to travel through twisting cornstalks – are you being followed or is it just your imagination? Who knows what will lay in wait around the next turn? The Chamber of Horrors Wax Museum has just opened and Miss Lizzie is your guide as you examine the museum’s work. Be amazed by how lifelike her collection of criminals murderers and miscreants are. Did one of the statues just move? Or was it just your eyes playing tricks on you?

Halloween Haunt will take place at Great America in Santa Clara. Halloween Haunt will be open from October 16th through October 31st from 7pm – 1am. This excludes October 18th when the hours of Halloween Haunt will be from 7:30pm – 12am. When you purchase your tickets online you can save money off regular admission price at the gate. Buy tickets online for as low as $32.99. Front of the line tickets are also available. Great America is located at 4701 Great America Parkway Santa Clara CA 95054. For more information on this event as well as to purchase tickets visit