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Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is a stunning mansion with 160 rooms, 47 fireplaces, 17 chimneys, a grand ballroom and more. While the Winchester house is a beautiful piece of architecture, it is also quite strange and was built in order to hide Sarah Winchester, owner of the home, from evil spirits that she believed was haunting her.

The Winchester Mystery House begins with the story of Sarah Winchester. Born in 1840, Sarah was born in New Haven, Connecticut and was known as the “Belle of New Haven”. In 1862, Sarah married William Winchester, son of Lieutenant Oliver Winchester and manufacturer of the famous Winchester rifle. The family lived together happily for a few years until 1866 when their newborn daughter died of a mysterious disease. 15 years later, her husband prematurely died from tuberculosis. After this, Sara Winchester becomes increasingly depressed and went to a Boston medium for help. He told her that her family and fortune were being haunted by spirits of the civil war soldiers and American Indians who had been killed by the Winchester rifles. Sara was instructed to move West and build a home to appease the spirits so in 1884 she moved to California and began creating what is today known as the Winchester Mystery House.

While she moved West, she still feared the spirits. According to legend, Mrs. Winchester would never sleep in the same room twice in order to confuse any evil spirits. She also had carpenters build staircases that led to nowhere, doors that opened up to no rooms, and added secret passageways behind walls – all in order to confuse the spirits she believed lived in her home. Now is your chance to witness this impressive mansion and see oddities such as a staircase that descends seven steps down and then rises eleven! Visit http://www.winchestermysteryhouse.com/ to learn more and stop by for a tour to see the mystery house with your own eyes!